X Unknown

Series of experimental animations exploring movement with sound and space, and the shifting connotations of the letter ‘X’.

From there I became interested in our obsession with existential reality and the concept of the unknown which is often represented through the letter ‘X’. The images and animations produced were projected onto different materials and shapes to distort the integrity and movement of the letter. Inspired by the William Forsythe’s principles from the choreogrpahy of ‘One Flat Thing Reproduced’,
the projections experimented with the way we communicate within our environment and the information we come into contact with through physical experience. 

As an additional factor, sound was included in reactive animations to explore how an additional source of information would further manipulate the images. The sounds of the Voyager golden records were chosen for their strange arrangement of beeps and buzzes that when decoded reveal images and information of life on earth. 

The manipulated projections were recorded and then passed through a projector once again to further explore the breakdown of legibility and the dissolving efficiency of information communication. 
Utilising gauze offered a screen solid enough to project images upon with a loose enough weave that could appear invisible in a darkened room. This would give an illusion of a suspended image in space.
The material encourages touch and movement while traversing through the material maze, further enhancing distortion as people interact with the message.

Creating a virtual 3D exhibition in Blendr allowed exploration further into the concept and explore how light and projection could operate within a space.

As part of The Design Weans ‘Showoff’ Graduate exhibition in Glasgow, an AR poster was created in order to explore another interactive medium that could potentially aid in the exploration of the ‘X’ images and animations, opening another opportunity for interpretation. The animations on the poster can be activated via the Artivive app which can be downloaded via the app store.