Series of experimental animations exploring movement with sound and space, and the shifting connotations of the letter x.
Throughout history, the ancient letter has symbolised a myriad of different meanings. However, one use remains prevalent, its simultaneous ability for its meaning to be substituted for anything, and also represent a complete lack of anything


From there I explored our obsession with the unknown, the existential reality that we may just not be that important. I played with plinths, gauze and projection to bring the experiments into the living realm so that they may be experienced again in a new way. I was inspired by the principles of William Forsythe’s choreogrpahy of ‘One Flat Thing Reproduced’, exploring the way we interact with our environment and the information / communication we come into contact with through physical experience.

The experiments not only manipulated the formation and possible movements of the letter, but introduced factors of sound and space in an attempt to research how the letter would interact. I included the sounds of the Voyager golden records, a strange arrangement of beeps and buzzes that when decode reveal images and information of life on earth.

View video with sound here.